Sunday, November 6, 2011


I messed up the 1.8.1 update and its in a completely unrecoverable state :(  Somehow when I was doing a mercurial commit a bunch of files seemed to have gotten deleted without any backup of them. Trying to decide what to do at this point but a 1.8.1 update seems far fetched at this point.  One thing is 1.8.1 adds almost no new features since I disable almost all of them.

I'm going to start looking instead at what can be done to make AC more separated.


  1. Sorry all your hard work went to shit, man :( But chin up! We all still appreciate everything you've done so far! And regardless of the presence or lack of 1.8.1 features in AC, we're all excited to see what incredible features you come up with and put out in the next update! Whenever that is! You still have thousands of loyal fans :) Hope your girlfriend is doing much better and that the housing stuff all worked out.

  2. with the new feature, i only see that thing with 2nd Use of the Sword.
    What about CTRL + Mousclick?
    I think that in the future more items will get a second use :/

    Why dont you take your time and get everything finish and dont rush :/ ? Is'nt it possible with the 1.9 pre-release to get the 1.9-code and work with it to release AdventureCraft for 1.9 when it come's out? (Or is the only use of the prerelease the bug-finding thing?)

    take your time, we can wait ! =)

  3. This is only slightly disappointing since 1.8 isn't that great
    I'll live without it
    BUT if you want and have the time, can you implement the bow and/or sprinting system?
    Those are the only things I can see useful with AC