Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hook shot Finished, Boomerang Polish, and Offhand Items

The hook shot has been finished up.  It shoots out an arrow with a rope that will stick into logs or planks.  It can also be used to pull an entity towards you.  If you right click again after launching it will return to you and if currently carrying an entity will drop it.  Make note you can only launch a hook shot when on the ground or in a liquid.

I also polished up the boomerang so you will only see the outline of the boomerang upon throwing it.  Other code was cleaned up with it as well.

Now on offhand items, I'm thinking I will allow any item to be in the offhand slot and you will be able to use it by shift right clicking. Though if you want a shield, it will have to be in the offhand slot. This should allow for potentially more interesting game play.

For the bow and different arrow types. Instead of a quiver slot, I'm thinking instead you will combine arrows onto the bow by dragging them onto it and it will autoreload if empty slots on the bow and you pick up more.

Anyways enough babbling and the new update.  Comes in two flavors with the maps you probably already have at 13mb and without the maps at 611kb.

No Maps -
With Maps -

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