Sunday, February 6, 2011

Music Block

Currently working on a music block before getting back to work on new mobs tomorrow. Its setup so each map directory can have its own directory of music (needs to be ogg files).  Then when you are in the music block UI you can select any of the music from the directory.  Need to add an option to not restart the music if the same music is already playing, new block texture, and lang file entry.

Anyways what made decided I should go ahead and do the music block was watching Lawligagger's video of the dungeon he is working on.


  1. Holy eff yes. This has been on my mind constantly, but I never thought you'd actually do it. As a musician and a composer, this may be the last push I needed to compel me into starting my own elaborate AdventureQuest. =D!

    I only request that they're trigger-able in the same manner as the R block, M block, etc., perhaps in addition to collision-triggering.

    Will it be possible to also support position-specific volume as an option, similar to the jukebox when it plays music? In that way you could draw attention to a certain spot in a dungeon... Play a creepy music box song in a dark corner and so on. 8D

  2. year now we have dungeon music AND battle music :D