Saturday, February 12, 2011

Power Glove and Mob Spawner Changes r305

  • Mob Spawners are able to spawn any block/item
  • Adds power glove in which can push/pull (ctrl click)
  • Should fix dispensers with infinite items to dispense single items


  1. Did you perchance see the report on the issue with block spawn location? In case not: Even though the blocks spawned appear to be locked into place, the actual block entities exist in the northwest corner of the block they appear to be locked over. Therefore, some of the falling blocks will stop in mid air because there is a block directly below and one block north/northwest/west of the block that stopped in air.

    This also keeps blocks from spawning in single-block-wide passages. The space for any block to spawn must be at least 2x2, as the spawners work now. Any possibility of a fix?

  2. Bug(ish) report:

    Pushable blocks can be pushed through water and lava to replace the fluids, but unfortunately not fire. Was thinking it would be cool to carve your path through a field of fire by pushing the block in front of you.

  3. Yeah, I can add fire to be supported. I could look at an option for falling blocks to use a different spawner location algorithm so they will work in a 1x1 and won't fall on edges of each other.