Friday, February 11, 2011

Pushing Blocks

Currently working on being able to push blocks.  Need to make some changes to the falling sand entity so you can see the blocks slide.  At the moment this works on any block and the plan is for this item to be the power glove where you will see a hand rendered with a different texture when equipped.

Also check out this video on how to make cruel Megaman style platforming.  Now just need some timer triggers I think. Will look at adding that as well this weekend plus working on the mob spawner more so it can spawn items and any type of block for the falling ones.


  1. Hmm, something like a redstone timer is coming in the next official MC update, although who knows when that'll be released. I guess users can just use what they prefer =P.

    Really looking forward to pushable blocks, and another power-up to give the player. 8D

  2. Yeah, you could already do timers with redstone even now if you wanted. Just want to make it simpler. The new redstone block though is a delay line diode which just means the signal can only go one way and the output value will be delayed by some amount time from the input value but will be the same.

  3. do you want to make specific blocks to be pushable?
    what about 2 blocks, one can be push without gloves, the other only with.