Tuesday, February 22, 2011

r357 - Still only for Beta 1.2_02 but polishing

MCP needs to be updated before I can move up to 1.3 but in the meantime this version will work for upgrading

  • Fall damage code adjust so you can survive better landing in water.
  • Mob spawners when are reset will reset the mobs spawned and mobs are now saved across saving/loading. BlockTimers can be reset now.
  • Health of bats and rats reduced to more reasonable amounts.
  • Fluids can be targeted/destroyed while in debug mode.
  • Blocks no longer drop items when destroyed.



  1. just something
    Can you make it so that bigger slimes spawn smaller one if killed?
    8x8 Slime spawns four 4x4 slimes, etc ? ^^
    (That makes another boss possible ^^)

    Just a Question:
    With Minecraft 1.3_1 it has better light, so you wont need it anymore or? (making this mod a bit smaller, etc?) How does the new save system affect AdventureCraft? Do you know that?

  2. Actually, the "splitting slime" boss is entirely possible by wiring mob spawners together. I've wired up one of them myself in the most recent build of my map.

    But yeah, it'd be nice if it was a bit easier, although it'd be a pain if you didn't want them to split.

  3. On the topic of selection, though, a "smart select" or a "Smart Hammer" tool would be a welcome addition. The idea is that you select two areas with the cursor as usual, but the selection ignores air blocks, allowing you to change the blocks for a dungeon quickly and easily if you decide you don't like the look. Likewise, a Smart Hammer would allow you to choose the type of selected block you wish to edit, and right click to swap out that kind of block for the kind of block you click on.


  4. @agidius
    year it's possible, but you will spawn the smaller ones in a specific area. Not where you kill the bigone.

    Another thing. Maybe adjust some Monster to drop no items? i mean we have no use for bones, slimeballs. They just fill up the inventory ^^
    (but arrows are usefull, etc)