Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Near Term Plan

Figure I share some of what I'm thinking about working on over the next couple weeks.

First off I want to tackle a cutscene camera that can be triggered immobilizing the player and then moving the camera to various positions preset by the designer.
Second, human NPCs.  At first they will just stand around and do nothing besides you can give them textures based off what textures you have in your map folder but later you will then be able to talk with them and give them items to cause triggers.


  1. Sounds expert. Certainly two big players missing from the Zelda-esque side of AC. I think having the cutscene camera will give players a greater sense of dungeon size, and also help point them in the right direction. NPC chat can probably be managed with message blocks at first; I'm not too worried about it.

  2. You mention immobilizing the player for the cutscenes... and I hope that there's a way you can take them out of the mobs' line of sight as the cutscene progresses, lest they be swarmed by bats or whatever may be roaming the dungeon by default.

  3. Do you think that NPCs' give-item triggering might work in such a way that it could make an acceptable item vendor? You know, like, maybe only certain items could cause certain things? And maybe it would take certain amounts of said items?

  4. Yeah, I want to make NPCs flexible enough to be item vendors. But initially it will just be accepting a single item type and triggering blocks.

    @agidus, Yeah I will have options for that sort of thing for cutscenes. Actually thinking they won't be immobilized in case someone ends up for some reason wanting to say make a RE style map (note controls though work horribly in the cutscene mode at the moment).