Friday, March 11, 2011

NPCs, Cutscene Camera, and PyCon

I've been pretty busy this week so haven't put too much time in since the last patch.  But I have added the basics of NPC's.  Currently all they support is the standard player skin, being called Test NPC, and replying to you with Hi! in the chat window.

Before the first NPC release I want these features in the game.

  • Ability to select a skin
  • Ability to select the NPC name
  • NPC has a nameplate if you can see them

In the future, I want these features.

  • Can give the NPC armor to wear
  • Can give the NPC an item to equip
  • The NPC can follow a path
  • The NPC can attack mobs/players
I still want stores but I might do that through a special block.

Regarding the cutscene camera, there is still features I want to add before I consider them finished.
  • Camera blocks can trigger a target when the cutscene elapses
  • A full screen image can be applied (either aspect correct or not depending on the user)
  • Ability to disable the UI while the cutscene is going.
  • Ability to select the type of interpolation to use between points. (None, linear, or cubic)
  • Ability to delete cutscene points without clearing everything
Anyways, it will probably be earliest Sunday before I get out a new release since I'm going to busy with PyCon.


  1. Bloody hell, you sir, are a god!

  2. is there a way i can only get the npc spawn stick thing

  3. yeah i want that npc stick but i also think this mod is amazing

  4. Sir, you are my GOD. I pray to you every evening but.. to Notchtoo. :)

  5. How do I give the npc a skin? please help I dont know how