Thursday, April 21, 2011

Portal 2, Mob Scripting, and 1.5

As some of you may know, Portal 2 came out this past Tuesday.  So the last couple days I was playing through Portal 2 and just started on the coop with my girlfriend today. As a result, that has been occupying most of my recent free time.

I have tomorrow off and going to be spending a good portion of time adding in additional scripting for working with entities.  In particular, I want to add in scripting to mob spawners for when they spawn, on tick updates while spawned, and once all the spawns have been killed.  You will have access to the entities that were spawned and hopefully should be able to do some interesting things.

1.5 was also released this week and I will hopefully update to it this weekend once MCP gets updated but till then its stuck on 1.4_01.


  1. So I was thinking, and bear with me, because I haven't even downloaded any of the versions with scripting blocks yet (I'll get to that after my doctor's appointment today), but allow me to put a couple of things into perspective here:

    - 2x1x1 Trigger on top of 2 blocks that have some sort of ovular 2-part design as their textures. What is this? Those triggers seem to be attached to that scripting block over there. Let's activate debug mode and see what happens.

    So, quick, what happens when a scripting block sets your velocity to a very high speed going diagonally up? I do believe that you fly across a huge gap towards some blue wool on that wall over there. Probably some teleporter block triggers there.

    I think you see where I'm going with this.

    Of course, whether or not you maintain momentum when using Adventurecraft teleporters, I'm probably still going to make a minecraft Aerial Faith Plate. Why? BECAUSE IT JUST NEEDS TO BE DONE.

  2. Side note, I lol'd when I noticed my comment was longer than the actual blog post.

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  5. Okay, so, scratch that other problematic crap. You wanna know why? I got tired of it not working, and rather than use the "update", or the "No maps," I for once, chose "Maps." I moved my maps folder to desktop, and deleted the AC folder, and just used the entirety of the new one, without inserting my maps folder. It says it installs successfully after the log in, and then I clicked start. The first time this happened, the window closed, No game appeared. every time since then, absolutely NOTHING happens when I click start. It does the little button highlight and 'this is selected because it was clicked' type crap, but literally, nothing happens. This is a FRESH. INSTALL.

    And you know what? I had a good idea of what the problem was. I always opened this directly through AC.exe, because I can't open .jars with JAva for some reason, so I only open them with winRAR. You can see how that is different from running the .jar. But I tried m2>OpenWith>Java bleh-bleh- Binary, and it actually worked for once.

    But you know what happens? The. Exact. Same THING.

    I reeeaallly hope you just coded something wrong and broke that version, because I just got this laptop back from having a virus removed, and there had better not be something wrong with it.

  6. Remember in the post you are responding to how I said it doesn't work with 1.5 and talking about updating to 1.5 hopefully this weekend?

  7. Hm. I thought AC was independent of the Minecraft verssion number? If that's not the case...

    Well, I guess everything turned out better than expected. :)

    I thought it was independent because I'm pretty sure that I was playing the 1.3_01 or _02 or whatever while minecraft was in 1.4...

    So just to make sure we're clear, Adventurecraft does NOT work until updated to the current Minecraft version?

    -Thanks in advance :)

  8. I noticed that all the "invisible" blocks (trigger, spawn, mobspawner, etc..) are creating darkness when not in build mode. I don't recall if it was always like this, but I'm pretty sure it's a bug being that there is a block specifically designed to add darkness.

    This may have been mentioned on the forum, but I really don't want to read through 80 pages to check. Do you have any intention of making a bug list/site. Maybe just add a page to the wiki where anyone can add bugs and you can add a quick "checking/fixed/working as intended."

  9. Actually, I'm positive now that the blocks creating darkness is new, and a bug. I'm using a lot of clip boxes and it's cutting out almost all the light in areas.

    Also, a suggestion...would it be possible, if not already in your idea list, to limit what can burn. IE, make it so using the flint will burn a specific amount of tree/leaves (tagged in build mode) without continuing to burn a whole forest.

  10. @C37 Studios, Thought you said you ran install which then would try to install the current version installed of Minecraft which if 1.5 would replace the 1.4 files with 1.5 in Adventurecraft.

    @Christopher, I will check out the darkness from those blocks tomorrow. Don't recall seeing that but definitely shouldn't be. I've thought about limiting the burn though I really want to setup a whole property list that you can edit for all blocks or something if I was to tackle that feature.

  11. Oh and C37 when you teleport, yes you maintain velocity and heading.

  12. Awesome, thx for the rush on the darkness at least for me, i'm a work in progress...same for the not burning down a whole forest...i like the idea of the property list for blocks

  13. PLZ READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok , were amking a adv/surv game , and we REALLY need one feature of your mod.. the teleport mod , but only that. we will ofc. give you FULL credit. The problem is that we dont want restrictions and debugg mode , we just need the teleport , so it would be GREAT if you could please send us the mod with only teleport. my email is :)