Sunday, April 17, 2011

r563 - The scripting block

I've added in the start of the scripting block. You can't do much with it yet but it can run simple scripts from the scripts directory in your map folder.  Near term goals at the moment are to document current commands, add more commands, add persistent variables, and improve the launcher so it can update AdventureCraft.

  • Animated fan texture can be replaced.
  • Muzzle flash added to guns.
  • Adding several new scripting commands.
  • Adds a script block which can execute code OnTrigger, OnDetrigger, and OnUpdate.
  • Some launcher improvements so won't try to popup a webpage if SWT doesn't work.

Also I'm releasing the first update download which is a quite bit smaller.  Just extract it to the location of where the AdventureCraft folder is located.

With Maps -
No Maps -
Update (Requires at least r553a) -

Sample Script btw I was testing with.

pos = player.getPosition()
chat.print("Player: %.1f, %.1f, %.1f", pos.x, pos.y, pos.z)
player.setPosition(pos.x, pos.y + 10, pos.z);
pos = player.getPosition()
chat.print("Player: %.1f, %.1f, %.1f", pos.x, pos.y, pos.z)

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