Sunday, May 8, 2011

r651 - A Myriad of Changes

  • Sounds can be overridden by being placed in the soundOverrides directory (needs to be the same folder structure as the resources directory).
  • Message and Music blocks when editing can have multiple pages for sounds.
  • Music being played is saved on exiting a save and stopped then restarted when loading the save again.
  • New items can be created in script either via Item(itemID), Item(itemID, quantity), Item(itemID, quantity, damage).
  • Changed getBlockId to getBlockID and setBlockId to setBlockID.
  • Can sleep scripts via time.sleep(seconds) (note if you do this currently with OnUpdate scripts you will have multiple ones executing at the same time till I change it so you can only have one per block/entity at a time).
  • The current AC version is now displayed alongside the MC version.
  • Fixed being able to access from scripting swapOffhandWithMain and addItem.
  • Removed the multiplayer button.


  1. Thanks for finnaly removing the MP button >.<
    Also the new scripting is very useful, good job keep it up

  2. I don't understand how it automatically updates. I haven't had the launcher upate for me yet.

  3. The launcher should display a button that says "Update to r651" or whatever the current revision is.

  4. Hey there. I have a small issue i would like to discuss. The new launcher that updates is great and it certainly saves time! My issue, though, is that now it is virtually impossible to play AdventureCarft without internet. Most of the time I am not connected to the internet, and thats the time I spend playing AdventureCraft. Perhaps there is a way you could have two lauchers? One for online and one for offline? Thank you making such a great mod/standalone. Keep it up!

  5. Will check out the launcher this weekend when you are missing an internet connection though it should be working.