Saturday, May 14, 2011

r668 - Scripting features and fixes

People seem to be taking well to scripting and I've went ahead and added a bunch more commands to help out people.  This weekend I'm hoping to get in the Effects block but we will see how that all goes!  Also check out this video by CyborgDragon for a bunch of customizing he's done with scripting.

  • Adds to Entity for scripting
    • dropItem
    • isInsideOfWater
    • isInsideOfLava
    • getImmuneToFire
    • setImmuneToFire
    • getFireLevel
    • setFireLevel
    • getFireResistance
    • setFireResistance
    • getAir
    • setAir
    • getMaxAir
    • setMaxAir
    • getStunned
    • setStunned
  • Move attackEntityFrom to the base Entity class for scripting.
  • Shouldn't be able to take damage from multiple spikes at the same time anymore (resulted in skeleton bosses dieing really quickly).
  • Can disable mobs burning in daylight by issuing the command /mobsburn.
  • Sliders on the Music GUI have been fixed.
  • Multiple sleeps in the same script work correctly now.


  1. I think you could add the possibility to select an area and be able to, when the player walks into the entrance of that room or if the player activates a lever ore something like that, the selected area would move somewhere, up, down, left, right, just about anywhere else, what do you think?

  2. I'd love to have some sort of block that triggers when hit with arrows, sword or boomerang. Great for puzzle rooms. I'm suggesting this because other than damaging entities, arrows and such are essentially useless.

  3. Hehe should fix that annoyance in Customizeable Mob Spawner, When selecting Spawn On Timer and the next time you enter the same spawner. it displays Spawn On Detrigger.
    Gets annoying sometimes XD

  4. I love scripting blocks, but I've noticed that its not possible to set booleans or ints that don't have a seperate 'setbooleanx(boolean)' etc.
    Do all values that we can call have a seperate set function?
    and just out of curiosity, why isn't it possible to set them externally?

  5. Effect blocks, eh? Glad you're getting around to it! Hope it works out. :)