Monday, June 6, 2011

r755 - UI's from Scripts

You can now create basic UI Elements with scripts.  Still lots to go before you can have an interactable UI but for now you can add additional information to the screen.

  • Fixes light bulbs not working
  • Fixing tiny view distance
  • Time now has a getTime and setTime function in addition to the get/set on it
  • Adds UILabel(text, x, y) which displays text at the x and y position.
    • red, green, blue, alpha control the color and alpha
    • shadowed is true/false and controls if there is a shadow
    • Can reposition with x, y
    • Text can be changed via .text
  • Adds UIRect(x, y, width, height, red, green, blue, alpha) which is a rectangle with the specified color
    • Has variables with all the names from the init
  • Adds UISprite(texture, x, y, width, height, u, v) - Displays a texture on the screen
    • red, green, blue, alpha control the color and alpha
    • Args are also all variables on UISprite
  • All UI elements also have the below functions
    • addToScreen
    • removeFromScreen
    • pushToFront
    • pushToBack
Edit: Adding download links for full installs though note these won't be up right away.


  1. I fresh a new launcher, i re-install Minecraft 1.6.6, but the game don't START ! -.-'

    Why ?.
    Please, it's boring !

  2. There is no way to run the program without the launcher?