Tuesday, June 28, 2011

r874 - Map Downloading

The in game map downloading feature is now ready to be released and used!  Currently hosting 3 different maps myself to get the ball started.  There is I should say a minor bug with the download bar for Journey to the Aether (integer overflow whoops).

Creeper Spleef - by AndrewFM
Innsbrook - by Lastair
Journey to the Aether - by Insomniable

Something that map makers will like is you can set scripts now for NPC and scripted entities to be interacted with.

  • Adds a new ingame Map Downloading screen.
  • UISprite can specify the image's width/height.
  • UI Label's won't render now if their alpha is set to zero.
  • Cancels all scheduled block updates in blocks being replaced by a storage block.
  • Fixing the option on Timer blocks being able to swap between Triggering the target and resetting the target.
  • Timers can be inputted with text box entry.
  • Scripted Entities and NPCs can have a script set for when the player interacts with them (onInteraction).


  1. Hi!, thanks for the new features, but i must report and issue...
    If i assign a storage block and a timer to another timer, the game crash...

  2. Sweet. I looked at the terraria wiki about its new update today... I have to get home. First, Terraria. Then, Adventurecraft. The day afer, JAaaaaaavvaaaa uugghhhhh... Which will probably turn into YouTube. :D

  3. Hey Cryect, This is a GREAT update!

    Just curious, my map is done soon (like SOON SOON) and how will I put my map on the map downloader list thingy?

    (Email you or something?)


  4. Song after Gone will be fixed after 2 hours. If you can put it with other maps.

    And can someone direct me to tutorial or something that could help me add new items to the game so I could see them in infinite inventory. Where should I put scripts and images for that?

  5. My brain is so full of fuck.SRSLY U GAISE, LAST UPDATE MUCH?

    Map needs to be at least decent (not perfect/excellent)
    Map needs to at least have some content
    Map needs to be hosted at a direct download link so can't be something like Mediafire (bit.ly redirects work fine though if you want stats)
    Map needs to be packaged into a zip file without an extra folder inside of it. The map will be extracted to a folder in the map folder with the name of the map (an extra folder will result in the map not being picked up).
    Needs a map name
    Need a short description of the map
    Requires a wiki page on http://adventurecraft.wikkii.com/wiki/Category:Maps

  6. Oh... I feel horrible now.

    Lol, my horrible mistake.