Thursday, July 14, 2011


I will have a decent amount of time over the next couple of weeks and curious to see what people most want me to work.  Select as many options as you want, though if you select everything that sure won't give me any priorities.


  1. There is two thing in my opinion. I'm Glad you've found some time Cryet.

    So as I'm creating THE GREAT map witch will be more free-roaming one I would choose map editing because of story that would need to be different from other quests. It should be huge so copying would make a lot easier to create something like that.

    The second thing that would really inprove the maps is adding items. I hope there will be unlimited number of items. Just imagine how RPG's would inprove when there is no limit. There is so much weapons, armors, stuff to pick. That would be awesome. Nothing else is more inportant as this.

    And one note for people: When ability to jump and sprint will be added there will be more stupid and harder parkour games. Well it's my opinion anyway, but I would like to start with a good editing mode and play some better story maps.

    Tnx for reading it all.

  2. Do this every week like a "Best Idea Week", but we can choose one idea from the feature request site on the wiki

  3. In case you aren't aware, Cryect practically said we could make our own mobs on the last one. OUR OWN MOBS. Why isn't anyone voting for it? Just saying, please don't waste a whole week giving us the ability to move faster when we press a button. BTW, I like your idea ALEX3.

  4. @Bluppy: Personally, being able to change the shape of my mobs sounds kind of boring. I can already make them do whatever I want, so who really cares? I personally voted for the 3 scripting options. MUCH better use of time. Though I do have to agree with what you and Gurunext are saying about the movement stuff. Jump courses in games are already hard and annoying enough. No need to help people make them even more so.

  5. Cryect, its awesome to hear you can work on so much :D

    Is there possibly an option you could add in for maybe non scripted pathing for those who are just crap at scripting?



  6. @jamesdarandom

    That's right!
    We need at least a scripting tutorial for beginners!

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  8. Sorry about the post removal. I like the idea of custom mobs to give dungeons and "temples" a better feel. I'd prefer, say a flaming bat in my volcano, but an ice bat in my death igloo. Right now, I only have the choice of one by editing the skin, as far as I'm aware. And how do you do pathing?

  9. Please make more Mob-options,
    Like your Skeleton, but choose it's weapon and his gear! (maybe even custom mob-armor-textur?)

    so i can choose "Zombie"
    with "Goldensword" and "full Leather Armor"
    ? That would be great!

    Maybe add some more range weapons? ( dmg-scale=>
    Bow -> Long bow -> etc? )

  10. @Cashan: This does not makes sense, because you're asking for a bigger variety of weapons too. I don't think that your idea even should go on a list. When unlimited number of mobs will be added then you will be able to texture them to look like they are wearing something like that. But it would be very good in the future to have such an option though.

  11. Ugh. Why is everyone voting on additional player movement? And why slopes and such?
    Btw, Notch stated he's planning on adding sprinting in 1.8.

  12. @Gurunext

    more items? only the ranged part.

    I mean that you can edit mobs already in the game.
    You pick the skeleton and add items that are already in the game (and give them more dmg, what ever that item does in your hand).
    the texture part would be cool, because you could give your adventure a better feeling.

    Maybe you wont want that your skeleton wears a red tunika, but instead a dirty robe or something.

  13. Everyone voting for the movement is silly. If we get custom keys this can be done on our own anyway. scripting ftw

  14. I just thought I'd say, I've worked out how to give a specific enemy from a mobspawner a special texure. I'm a bit of a n00b at javascript, so it's mainly a lot of code ripped off the internet and a bit I managed to work out myself.

    for (var i = 0; i < spawnedEntities.length; i++) {
    var ent = spawnedEntities[i];
    It's iceskeleton in the example. Change it for whatever else, edit the default textures, and make it run on spawn in the mob spawner. Like I said, I aint very good a javascript, so let me know if there is a more efficient way.

  15. @seagoingmanatee: Agreed.

    @Bluppy: No, that is pretty much the only way. :)

  16. @Bluppy You don't have to choose between bats. There is a function in scripts and in the effects block (I believe) to swap textures. Unless you need more than one type of bat at a time, you can have it swap textures for volcano and ice bats.

  17. I have a problem with item spawning: When item name is item_example.example then the mob_spawner will only spawn item_example. For instance if you need red wool you will get the main white wool. The same thing is with dyes. I would like to have ability to write ID's not just press the button that takes the name of the main item. Because I've figure out that some items have x:y ID's. And now that I've changed textures to all dyes I am not able to choose which thing should it spawn. It's spawns only the main one - inc. Please look forward in to this because the only way to obtain that item will be through shopping.

  18. Gurunext, I will look at fixing the mob spawner when spawning items. Its not storing the item damage is the problem but simple to fix.

    Also all those wanting more scripting options, you will be getting more scripting options with the movement additions (first movement update should be this afternoon).

  19. One more thing though. I want to use dye ID's in script too. x:y ID does not work and displays an error "missing ) after argument list". Maybe there is another ID expression... let me know.