Monday, July 4, 2011

r886 - Map Download Additions

Still waiting on MCP before I can start updating to 1.7.  Continued progress on working on the website and now  the in game map downloading is pulling from the new website which is pulling from the DB info on the maps.

  • Map Download is getting its information from
  • Can see the author of a map when you hover over a map
  • Can see the number of downloads of a map in game (note the first several days of downloads are currently missing for the maps)
  • Download status bar won't show anything till the map actually starts to download


  1. I'm not sure why you need to show everyone download number, but whatever. Though I am waiting until I will be able to scroll down in New map selection room. And hopefully I'll find the time will not be on developement

  2. I keep trying to get in but when I press start it just exits. I really want to play it wouldn't let me. :( PLEASE HELP

  3. Cryect, you should add more chat related things for scripting so we can make more realistic NPC comments (like the ones most RPG-type games have).
    Something to open the chat box and something to get user input.

    But other than that, excellent work! I dare say this is the best mod for Minecraft ever!

  4. @Gurunext, right click & drag on the map selection screen.
    @Ron, 1. You are probably using a really old version of AdventureCraft if its doing that.
    2. You have probably installed with 1.7.2 while AC only supports 1.6.6

  5. I have a question: Is there a up to date guide on scripting? (I really need the whole thing, completely new on the subject). I read the Script Guide on the wiki, but it seems to be rather out of date.

  6. I haven't yet found the time to start practicing script (finally home!), but out of curiousity, what are you planning to work on after the map downloading system?