Thursday, July 7, 2011

r893 - Tile Entity Bug Fix and Sound Override Bug Fix

I have the new verison up at and its hosted on the new website I've been setting up .  Things aren't all ready quite yet but somewhat of an emergency to get things up since I'm gone for the next 4 days and you guys shut down my DropBox account now :-p  There will be no updates except via downloads for the moment.

In the meantime, maps will also be down till I get back and have a chance to look at the bandwidth issues.


  1. I've tried looking at actual java lessons, but it all seems too different from what's done in scripting, I think I'd have to learn the entirety of javascripting, and honestly, I'm not up for that much work.

    That Being said, I hope that tutorials aren't too far behind the new website and technical difficulties on your schedule. :3

  2. My message blocks aren't playing the sounds I put in them... This should work, shouldn't it? I'm copy pasting .ogg files straight from the NewSounds folder in the minecraft resources!

  3. I updated my adventure craft, but after I click start, the box just disappears and nothing happens. please help!

  4. is there a fix for this for multiplayer this keeps happening to my server and we are trying to find a fix :P