Monday, August 22, 2011

New Launcher Might work with MacOS 10.5.8

I need some verification if it works or not but I made a change that hopefully will allow it to work but I can't verify myself.

Download -


  1. Cryect,

    I have some requests that should provide use at-least for my further adventurecrafting:

    Puchable triggers must show what they will trigger. (like other triggers)
    Painting must stay on the wall in any condition exept when touched by sword. (They must not be destroyed if there is no wall behind them)
    Pushable blocks must not be destroyed when pushed in 1x1 hole
    Pushable blocks must not trigger anything when you push block to it.

    Optional needs:

    It would be great to have ability to choose 2-3 waypoints to set on mobspawner.
    I know it's possible on scripting, but I'm not into it very good.

    Timing blocks must have game and real life timing alternatives.
    In weather block to be able to add/set time and this should decrease game time of all timing blocks.

    So if you up to this I would be very thankful.

  2. Hi Cryect, You are doing great with this mod
    I have some things to suggest:

    - Scripted camera blocks.
    - Toogable Mobs and npc´s animation with camera blocks.
    -Custom particles? (create new particles with default or scripted behaviors with custom textures)

    Thanks for your time

  3. Hello Cyrect,
    I have been having problems with Adventurecraft due to having 10.5.8 on my mac. With the new launcher, I still have the problem of being unable to install adventurecraft. It seems it doesnt let me select the launcher. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
    Thanks, Sneeze

  4. P.S- One thing to add, whenever I opened up the old launcher, it would say the Nativeswing was invalid or something along those lines. Could that possibly be what it is?

  5. I'm sorry to make this place kind of suggestion place. Though there is some good stuff sugested in wiki so check the newest one.

    Two very important thing I've forgot.

    * Ability to toogle boxes (pusable blocks) moving backwards.
    (I did a lot of strategies with only towards movement and this would crash my map.. also I think it's good idea to make it more realistic)
    * Toogle mobs to drop heaths.
    (This makes gameplay too easy and food is much less useful.)

  6. Hi i just updated to this html update thing and everything is gone like i cant craft my map anymore it just looks like normal minecraft with a quit button someone please help???

    The only reason i clicked it is because it was where updates are usually and yeah im kind of worried :/ Sorry if im just being stupid lol :P

  7. Verification! it works on mac!!!!

  8. It does not work on 10.5.8 yet. I can't select anything. I think it's because it keeps trying to use a 64 bit jar launcher.
    Hope this helps!


  9. Still wont work on 10.5.8 man. please fix THANKS!

  10. when I open [AdventureCraft.jar] all that comes up is a box named [AdventureCraft - r1095] and has two buttons [Install] and [install via login] it doesn't even have the update page !!!PLZ HELP!!!