Sunday, August 28, 2011

r1004 - Crash Fix

  • Fixes a crash when a cutscene plays in the second save/map you play within a single session of AdventureCraft
  • Adds effect.fovModifier which adjusts the FOV used for rendering


  1. Again trying to reach you, Cryect

    So since you're back what are you going to work on? I still have a lot of untold suggestions for the basic correction of this mod. The biggest one that's on my head is that you can't change font. It's like you have the best texture pack and font look like ****... And another thing: since I'm started to work on textures should I do something like 32x32 specially for adventurecraft. After that there should be a new page in wiki or smthng to put my texture pack.

  2. I'm busy working on my map and figuring out whats broken with AdventureCraft and needs to be addressed immediately. If you live in a time zone near EST then the best way to contact me is on IRC. Almost everything on the feature page will never be touched at this point (too many things left on the list of features I want to work on) and a good 80% to 90% of it can already be implemented by map makers.

    I thought you could change the font, though I will note when I tested increasing the font resolution everything broke horribly. Really changing the font is actually more than a font file (there is another file with data somewhere I forget).

  3. Tnx for the tip then. I'll try to folow IRC to reach you since I'm near EST. But yeah I need to try fining a way out by my self, do as much advantage as possible with all I have allready and wait untill you need those suggestions/reports...

  4. I can't seem to download the latest adventure craft update. Help?

  5. Oh, I'm also using a minecraftSP update if that changes anything.