Saturday, August 6, 2011

r971 - HD Texture Support and ability to change animated textures

  • Paintings won't pop off once again if they are missing blocks behind them
  • Portals won't take you to the nether anymore
  • HD Texture Support (Was a pain since did it from scratch)
    • custom_fire.png
    • custom_lava_flowing.png
    • custom_lava_still.png
    • custom_portal.png
    • custom_water_flowing.png
    • custom_water_still.png


  1. Hi i want to suggest a idea.
    You disabled the Portals but can u make the portals as a trigger like if the portal-texture in ur face if maxed so it triggers something like a teleport-block

  2. Portals won't take you to the nether anymore
    WTF?.? I hate this update.... i need portals for my map

  3. Didn't AdventureCraft already support HD textures and and custom animations? Because I had an HD texture for clouds and that worked.

  4. @ALEX3, that is my plan when I get to it
    @coastercraft, portals crash the game horribly and I'm not planning on fixing the issues with them. Just easier to disable them and stop getting crash reports about portals.
    @SN777 Divinus, supported it as well as MC does without patching it. Basically animated texture stuff would mess up higher than 16x on terrain.png or items.png

  5. Oh. That's right. So that was what was wrong with those items and blocks when I was playing The Shadow Gate.

  6. Just a suggestion: Perhaps an update that implements the Custom Portal Frame mod?

  7. Bug found: In debug mode, attempting to grab an infinite stack of an item from a dispenser only gives you 1, disabling you from getting rid of the stack of items from the dispenser without destroying it.

  8. Another bug: compass item sprite appears invisible.
    I apologize for the constant posts.

  9. Wow, thanks for this, seriously.