Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Map: Spawned - The Creeper's Forge

I've decided to aim for adding a map once a week on Friday to the in game downloader.  In the future, I might up it but for now going to go with 1 map addition per week.

This week the new map being brought to you is Spawned: The Creeper's Forge.  Completely different from previous maps in the downloader with this one being focused as a sandbox map.  Your objective is to rebuild the town and save them from the creepers.


  1. Could you add, the Option to choose between the Map-height on mapgeneration?
    Notch said, you need to edit only 1 file to do that. So you could make an option for: 64, 128, 256 or 512.

    Possible? =)
    (I have a bug, i cant use custom terrain.jpg and dont know why :/, its all in the map folder)

  2. Not happening and its 1 file for 1.8 which changes what all maps need to be. Map files are also already too large with the current 128 so definitely not seeking to try to make it even larger.

  3. Would it reduce map file size if multiple maps were used? Such as you start on map A with a village and surrounding field, then when you reach the entrance to the Dark Dungeon, it exits and loads map B with just the dungeon. When you exit, it reloads map A and you look for your next quest, etc.