Monday, September 5, 2011

r1027 - Better Reloading for Guns

  • Adds better reloading to the shotgun, pistol, and rifle.
  • AdventureCraft sound resources can now be automatically downloaded. (Just helpful for adding sounds for new versions)
  • Can deactivate an active cutscene via effect.cancelCutscene().
  • Automatically changing the sound string's from Javascript to lower case.


  1. How excatly do you reload the guns?

  2. I don't know where else to post this, so here goes...
    I think there is a memory leak in AdventureCraft. Once a level is started the java.exe process uses up more and more memory. At 2GB Minecraft starts lagging (on my 4GB machine) and at about 2.5GB it starts becoming unplayable. I've seen this happen on all the maps I've tried to play.
    I'm surprised noone else has noticed this. Maybe it's because I'm using Java 7?

  3. Umm might be something with Java 7 considering the launcher tells Java to only use up to 512MB.

  4. Hi Cryect,
    I thought I had tested this, but on trying again just now I realized that I'm also having this issue with unmodded Minecraft. Sorry to trouble you.