Sunday, September 11, 2011

r1039 - Variety of Minor Improvements

  • Full weapons will show their ammo bar.
  • Shotgun muzzle flash works once again.
  • Shotgun now requires you wait for the reload to finish before you can fire (previously could fire the second the reload started).
  • Exposes to scripting whether the entity's onGround flag is set or not (entity.onGround).
  • Pathing improvements with regards to clip blocks, fences, and paths requiring jumping.
  • Creatures will now actually use their paths if they have a target
  • Zombie and skeleton firing slightly altered.  The "Score" will no longer print when you die.
  • Spawning should no longer pop you up above a block 2 blocks higher
  • Moving blocks can now squeeze through 1x1 holes in the ground without converting into items

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