Friday, September 30, 2011

r1089 - Fixes Storage Block saving of Tile Entities

Storage blocks will correctly save out again tile entities.

Progress on 1.8.1 updating hit a snag in that I need to rewrite a lot of rendering code and I've been quite busy in real life with a combination of work and searching for a house.


  1. Oh my god...
    I don't know what happened but since this update the storage blocks have been messing up REALLY badly for me. I had set up an entire system that would be created with a storage block. I downloaded this update an hour ago and it erased ALL the time blocks set times and ALL the other storage blocks stored by that one storage block AND it undid ALL of the block's pointers. Please fix this if it wasn't just a fluke in my map so that people don't get their maps messed up, as I'm sure people can have more to lose than I did...

  2. Are you sure you were using this version when you created/edit near the storage blocks last? This actually fixes the bug you experienced

  3. I'm not really sure. It may have just been a fluke as I mentioned. Either way I re-did the storage block parts so I'll let you know if I experience something like this again as storage blocks seem to work fine now. it was probably just a fault on my part =P

  4. I'm experiencing really bad lag and crashing, especially with the journey to the aether map. I haven't figured out weather this is from the game itself or something else, but regular minecraft runs quite well.

  5. They still work strange with Pistons. Maybe its because a certain piston bug... This one:
    They get invisible but you can still highlight them with the crosshair. And you can't place blocks in it's place.

  6. Dear Cryect
    I have slow and weak computer,so my friends do.can you add Optifine for AdventureCraft.When i play my fps is about 9-10 even if i use tiny render distance and fast graphics.Sorry for my bad english.Thanks.