Monday, November 7, 2011

The Future

After taking a a little break and thinking about it I've decided what I want to work on.

First off AdventureCraft, my plan is to stop updating it with Minecraft versions but to continue to update the backpatcher. As well, I want to add some features I've been wanting to add for the past few weeks but unable to while working on the MC update.

  • NPC Path Blocks
  • Custom Blocks
  • Cutscene blocks being able to allow entity movement

Once these are taken care of, I will start work on a new mod with similar ideas as AC in mind but focused on multiplayer.  The plan is the client will be a special client that receives custom items, blocks, textures, and UI from the server.  This means instead of hard coded items/blocks that everything will be scripted. As well, single player is going to actually be a local multiplayer.  As I'm focusing on multiplayer there will be certain focuses with this in mind which are listed below that I've skipped before.

  • NPC Dialog Trees
  • Quests
  • Stats

You still will have access to triggers and their various types except they won't be real blocks meaning you can place them in water etc.  So this should give a good idea of where I'm headed in the future for the moment.


  1. That is all good!

    But what about Mod Support? Will you be adding any of that in the near future? Because that would satisfy ALOT of people with their needs for their Adventures :P

  2. when ever i try playing adventure craft it always lags and they sound messes up and when i move it always lags and makes me move the direction i pressed for longer than i want like 10 seconds when i only pressed it for 1 second what can i do to fix this????

    1. I have that same problem, if you find a fix for it email me or something

  3. i have a mac with 10.4 installed... is there anyway you could email me the source to compile it for JRE 1.5? or is there a way to monally run the minecraft.jar file??

  4. or posibly a no-frills version of the AdventureCraft.jar that doesn't include the webbrowser part... because i think that is the problem?

  5. dont bother, i had a similar problem and i had to fix it myself. (PS i did not fix it. my computer got stuck by lightning and it "fixed" it.)

  6. Maybe add the BOSS HEALTH bar like when fighitng enderdragon in minecraft and also the crystals that heal him - it would be really good for adventure maps - see boss health on top of screen