Friday, December 2, 2011

r1095 - NPC Pathing Blocks

I've had a moment finally to finish up and polish the NPC pathing block so I could release it.  As well, this version includes the ability to have camera blocks not pause the game.  Tomorrow I will put together a short tutorial on using the NPC pathing blocks.



  1. That's great, but I would love 1.0 support. I'm not able to play AdventureCraft at all because it lags too much. It's not my computer, it's a bug, and can be fixed just by tweaking the launcher (I think). The bug is not present with OptiFine installed and the "Smooth Input" on, so this leads me to believe it has something to do with Input Priority.

  2. Camera blocks not pause the game? Suddenly I want Resident EvilCraft with Horrible-Camera-Angle-Vision.

  3. can you fix the item bug and block i edit the pic but it dont show on the map like stone i edit the texter of it but it dont show but the rest will