Monday, January 31, 2011

Different Items

Offhand currently always points to slot 0 but figure I would post an update.


  1. Might be slot 0 in code, but you press 1 to access it =P. Funny. What happens if you switch to slot 0, then? The "on-hand" defaults to slot 1?

  2. I have a sudden urge for boomerang juggling.

  3. Say, would it be possible to set a maximum hight for Ghasts to be able to fly? I've got a Ghast as my big boss at the moment in an outside arena and... well, if you don't kill it fast enough, it disappears into the skybox. I'd put in a clipping box roof, but I've also got it raining, and the rain gets blocked by the boxes. I'd switch to a Skeleton Boss, but they can only get hurt by spikes (which would be out of place in the arena) or sunlight (which takes FOREVER), so I'm kinda stuck for an ending.

  4. i dont know, but is it possible to change the buttons from normal game and debugmode?

    so you could use left and right click (i mean the one is only for destroy blocks with every item, here it could be use as the first item)

  5. @Brandon Smith, If you switch to 0 you then have the same item up twice currently.
    @Arsnof, I will fix up the rain so it will go through noclip blocks.
    @Cashan, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you mean you want instadestroy with left click and right click place blocks like normal?

  6. no, with rightclick you use an item, with leftclick you hit, but that hit is only useful with sword/axe etc....
    with 2 items you could change that you use the right item with rightclick and the left item with leftclick.

    then you have to change the word, to swing on use.
    or do you want to keep that with shift-click ?

  7. Hey, thanks! Wow, I had an impact on something... neat!