Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Offhanded Progress

Its getting close to done and hopefully will be ready for tomorrow. Features I need to finish before I can release it.

  • Shield works again as a shield
  • Tutorial explaining how to use offhanded items when you pick up a shield
  • Change controls for offhand to be right click while left click will no longer attack for items that you normally right click but right click instead.  This frees up right click then being used for the offhand
  • Finally, display on the bar that shows what your offhand is.


  1. Pardon the deduction that you seem to be more accessible through here, but I must inquire with this copypasta from the forum topic:

    "On another note, I have run into quite the dilemma, Cryect. While trying to solve an irritating issue that was causing a redstone-linked memory block to be set every time all blocks were reset, somehow my spawn point ended up in spikes. I spawn directly in spikes. I don't have time to teleport, to activate debug mode, or anything when I respawn. It's complete, instant death. Ideas? >_>;

    To help us understand why these things happen, can you please put together a video tutorial detailing spawn blocks, how to use them, where the player spawns relative to them, and different ways to use them (can they be triggered by other blocks in your system? I assume so.) I keep all mine a block above the ground, and still end up spawning somewhere way below the spawn point almost every time."

  2. So, where is the tutorial? Lol.

  3. @pops: The offhand update hasn't been released yet. Probably safe to assume that the tutorial will come when the update itself does.

  4. Um that mod dont work on xp and on beta 1.2 02?

  5. Are you going to update the mod for 1.6 when it comes out? You really should do that, it will prevent the mod from breaking by updates forever again! I will thank you if you do it, sir.