Saturday, March 26, 2011

Multiple Terrain Texture Support

I've added multiple terrain image support which I've already started to use fill in several textures from the painterly pack.  These are blocks with subtypes so they conserve block IDs nicely.  Once I fill in a vast amount more, I will release an update. Also improved the performance some and the torch should be hopefully a lot smoother for people.


  1. Have you talked to Notch? Or even tried to? Because I think this could get in the game as adventure mode. I read somewhere that you said that it wouldnt cause its not multiplayer. I think that dosent matter you should try to tell him if you already havent.

  2. You cannot even be serious. I'm sitting here playing Crysis 2, and get inspiration for something in AC, but then realized, I couldn't do it, and wished FOR EXACTLY THIS. ^____^