Thursday, March 24, 2011

Near Term Plans

Figure I share what I'm currently thinking of working on in the near term.

Decorative Blocks
To get a good idea of what I mean by decorative blocks check out ChocolatelySyrup's Fancy Pack.  Want to get various decorative blocks in so everyone's dungeons are a little more complex than empty box rooms.  I want to tackle with it giving control over custom colors to be selectable as well instead of the default ones I give you to use.

What I'm looking for here are particles, screen overlays, FOV control, fog, cloud control, etc.  Just various things that you can use to set mood.  Some of these like FOV and Screen overlays will be able to be used with the cut scene camera points.

I want to investigate using JavaScript to allow levels to have blocks that when activated will run some JavaScript with various commands. More details regards to this will come as I thought through it a little further and will try to  blog about it as I've thought it through more.


  1. Oh god, yes, YES! You're again getting to the point where you sound a bit too ambitious, but you delivered last time, and I'm sure you'll deliver this time! As an extremely OCD-but-not-techincally-OCD person, I would love to be able to add even more small details into my map(s).

    But um, in order of most to least importance, in my opinion:
    -Additional NPC features
    -Fancy Pack items
    -Particle FX, Ambience (clouds and etc.)
    -Screen overlays and field of view

    Of course, as long as they all get added, I don't mind what order you do them in. :)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thats Awsome but i think you should really finish the NPC's

  3. I will work on NPC's but I'm not planning to tackle anymore with them for about 3 weeks. Want to work on some simpler filler stuff in the meantime.

  4. Another thing for you to considder regarding books: . Doing something similar to this would make books usefull as a way to hide tips/hints/lore in =)

  5. A thing for you to considder while doing minor things

    Working books/bookcases ( )

    This way you can:
    -Hide stuff in bookcases
    -Add Lore/Hints/Tips in books