Wednesday, April 6, 2011

r528 - Updating to 1.4_01

Make sure to delete your bin directory if you are extracting to an existing AdventureCraft install.

  • Updated to 1.4_01.
  • The new light items now cast light when carried.
  • Improved the memory handling of the handheld light sources


  1. Oh, that hadn't occured to me with the new light items. Great! Does this include the light debug block? Eh, I guess I'll probably check before you respond, so whatever.

    A suggestion though: Would it be possible for you to allow minecart tracks to be placed on clip blocks? That would be great if you could. I would understand if you couldn't because of transparencies, or it being a debug block, or something, though. (But we all know you can do it.)

    Great work so far, keep it up! ;)

  2. C37 - I was thinking of suggesting the same thing. I've been messing around with blanking out blocks I don't use (wool, decorative glass, cages) to create the illusion, but regular blocks make a noclip xray through the block they're placed against and you can't place on cages and glass anyway.

    The advantages of an invisible (maybe intangible?) block that you can place items on would be you could make realistic standing ladders, seemingly perilous bridges, floating objects...

  3. Also, Cryect:

    Bring back toggling of 3D Grass and Auto Far clip ASAP, PLEASE. This stupid auto far clip ruins all my fog distances, and It'll be a while before I can get my new computer. What this translates into is that the fastest render distance to play on is Normal. But I can't see crap on normal. The best for visibility, is very far. Which is the usual Normal, at best. At that actually renders a lot of terrain I can't even see, slowing down my PC.

    I can guarantee this is a problem for others.

  4. To further detail my grievances with the lack of toggling, I'm getting tired of my game freezing for up to 5 seconds every other time I turn, because the game is calculating how to ruin my fog distance. AGAIN.

    Adventurecraft is great, and frankly, I think this is the first time I've had any sort of issue with it that didn't stem directly from my computer. (Well, this one sort of does, but I didn't like auto far clip even when it didn't lag me.)

  5. Auto far clip can't hurt your performance (well besides maybe a few nanoseconds to calculate the far clip plan). Its only used for the far clip plane so your issue while turning is something else. Basically it works differently than pressing F.

    If the option to turn them off is gone though that is a bug and will inspect what its doing.

  6. Hm, well, if you say so. I kinda figured it had something to do with that, because even in normal Minecraft, the game actually runs better for me on Normal fog distance than it does on short or tiny, which I assumed had something to do with the fog distance, not necessarily the amount of chunks being rendered.

    Either way, Auto Far Clip still equals Do Not Want. I hate the way that things get foggy even indoors. :(

    Anyway, looking forward to the next update, even if it is just adding the toggles back.

  7. I'm still having the same problem with trigger and redstone trigger blocks not being seen by the hammer or stacking etc.

  8. @ Lightning Stalker: That's because they aren't/don't. I don't know why, but they just don't.

  9. It's odd because the other non clipping blocks such as the inverter work just fine.

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