Saturday, April 9, 2011

r542 - A bunch of small changes

  • Music blocks no longer mess up if they have an empty name set.
  • Timers can have a delay before triggering upon activation.
  • Armor no longer is damageable.
  • Entities no longer update during cutscenes.
  • The time of day is seperated from world time and the time rate for time of day can be adjusted by weather blocks.
  • Ladders can be freestanding now.
  • Lights bulbs can be have their light value set by right clicking in debug mode on them.
  • Adds a 5th trigger to the mob spawners that activates upon the spawns being killed.
  • Adds a lantern that requires oil to stay lit (lasts 1 minute per unit of oil).
  • Readds back the options for autofarclip and 3d grass.


  1. Oh my god. This is one SEXY update. And not even because I feel special for notifying you about the autofarclip and 3D grass options. :3

  2. I mean seriously. At least 7 of these are things I SPECIFICALLY wished for, really hard.

  3. Что-то из-за музыкального блока игра часто вылетает.
    А так всё супер ! :)

    Вроде хорошо получилось.
    Screenshot of menu:

  4. One small thing it would be really, really nice to get in the next update: increased damage from falling into the void. Not only for bottomless pits for the player (which can be taken care of via hurt/heal blocks, I know) but for mobs (especially large mobs) that fall down there. The time delay for their death can really throw off the player.

  5. Cryect, you read your comments don't you?
    Can you delete message block symbol limit?
    And NPC talking symbol limit?
    Its annoying when you are making "chat" with
    NPC... :C

  6. Yes, I agree. The symbol limits are annoying.
    I'm sure it has something to do with the chat not supporting and auto-next-line type thing or something, but surely there's something you could do, like maybe, after every -current limit- symbols, it'll count the next one as a subsequent message block, returning to next line?

    Also, on the lantern, have you been playing some Amnesia, or was this just something you came up with? ;)

  7. @agidus, You could just not have bottomless pits? I always found in general they look funny since its blue.

    The lantern was something someone wanted for an Amnesia based map. Easy to add and was easy experiment for messing with item damage.

  8. @ Cryect: Bottomless pits are the easiest way to dispose of large-scale enemies (as well as being a classic trap in every game ever), and I've already used them in... well, you know where I used them, since you've played the map. Changing them from being blue is just a matter of placing a weather block to change the time of day to midnight before the bottomless pit.

    It's just a matter of changing a single variable in the code, isn't it? Once again, it's not something that's going to break anything if it doesn't get fixed, just something akin to lowering the health of the Skeleton boss -- making the game flow faster.