Monday, April 11, 2011

r552 - Start of Scripting and Guns

I've begun to work on scripting today and have some basics in but nothing too sophisticated.  You can use it when you type in chat commands though not much there currently.  This evening didn't feel like continuing on them so then went on and added in guns in about 4 hours.  Here's a video of them in use and already is my most disliked video in 4 months :-p  Anyways not planning to really add more to them.  Just was playing Call of Pripyat this past week and curious to see what people would do if I added them in.

For scripting, the first area you will see it get used is a scripting block.  After that I will be looking at revisiting musical instruments and have them capable of triggering scripts like in OoT or Majora's Mask.  Finally after all that I expect scripting to be well hashed out and work on scripting for NPC's.

  • Adds the starting of scripting. Currently can only be used when typing a text command and not having a / in the front. Only thing you can really do is set or get the time with time.set, time.get, time.setRate, and time.getRate.
  • Fixes crash bug with the lantern in the offhand.
  • Adds a pistol, assault rifle, and shotgun.


  1. Once again, because IDK if you even read comments..

    Cryect, you read your comments don't you?
    Can you delete message block symbol limit?
    And NPC talking symbol limit?
    Its annoying when you are making "chat" with NPC... :C

  2. 30 characters is about the length of the chat box is partially why. If you need more for message blocks, then you can stack them vertically and trigger them all (they get triggered from the bottom up).