Tuesday, June 21, 2011

r848 - NPC Scripting and controllable light ramps

  • Improved the launcher
    • It should be better about reporting issues with the minecraft.jar (has mods/missing etc)
    • Won't allow you to press start till its been installed correctly now (and removes installing once its correctly installed)
  • Fixed running out of memory due to writing stats out to file (just disabled it for now).
  • Fans update correctly as they get rotated.
  • Can configure the light brightness ramp in /config.
  • Can set full bright in debug mode via /fullbright
  • NPC's can be scripted now.
  • NPC's can be set to be attackable now.
  • Exposed script variables on EntityLivingScript to scripts.
    • onCreated
    • onUpdate
    • onPathReached
    • onAttacked
    • onDeath
Demonstrating light ramps by changing the light value of 15 to correspond to 0 instead of 1.  In the future, I will be adding the ability for effect blocks and scripts to change the light ramps as well.


  1. Wow, very cool. No idea what you mean by exposed the variables, but if in any sense you added them, then sounds good. Havem't really been paying a whole lot of attention to the script additipns until now...

    Between this and the upcoming Terraria update, I can't wait to get home!

  2. Is there eny 1 that can help me with the zelda adventure?? IM STUCK :(

  3. You should try the official map thread Mr. Skhsodgso2481726&7)iygsglino|€¥\ouvhOurou.

  4. ok so i tried adventure craft on a different mac and it works. maybe it's this update or its just luck, i will try it on my "main" mac.

  5. You just fixed and done things I wanted to have at AC. The running out of memory problem was a headache and attackable NPC makes even more freedom in "crafting". You have my thanks ;)

  6. My world time is stuck in reverse and is going really fast. I have tried everything. Even triggering scripts the config and npc scripts, but it keeps going and sometimes gets faster and faster. I don't know how to use scripts all that well, but I have none being used on the map Can anyone help? I have tried other maps on my client and they don't do this. So it has to be something in it.

  7. When you say everything, does that include musical scripts and starting anew save?

  8. Cryect can you make a NPC scripting tutorial? Like full in depth one on the wiki? Also can you change a NPC to be unattackable once you attack them once with scripting?

  9. Yes all musical scripts are gone and the new save thing was the first to be tried.

  10. I know that tjis isnt the right post for that, but i have a question:
    I imported a map from my minecraft singleplayer worlds to script ist, but now 10% of the grass has a lava texture on the top. I replaced all the lave in the terrain-png wit grass, but there's still lava.
    Can anyone help me?