Friday, June 17, 2011

Gone for a few days and r834

Just letting you all know that I'm going to be gone till Tuesday. As a result I won't be working on any features this weekend, but when I get back I hope to finish up NPC's to be fully scripted as well work on the in game map downloader.

  • attackStrength works with bats, skeletons, skeleton bosses, skeleton guns, slimes, wolves, and zombie pistols. attackStrength controls the explosion radius of creepers and ghast fireballs. Added slime- and wolf-related methods.
  • NPC now uses the scripted's pathing code instead of its own for pathing home
  • Can toggle NPC pathing home on and off
    • Scripting functions of getPathToHome/setPathToHome
  • Adds a track player option for head tracking
    • getTrackPlayer/setTrackPlayer


  1. My Adventre craft crashes and says out of memory i dont know how to fix it :( can you fix this please or is it just my account

  2. Hey,
    Please don't tell me that all future updates are going to be script-based. I know it allows for more versatility and all, but not all of us are programmers.
    For instance, I have no idea how to set NPC's pathing. If nothing else, at least consider making tutorials on setting up scripts like that.

  3. Hey,
    My friend and I have a problem when ever we are playing it closes out of itself every 2-5 mins for no reason and both of us don't have anything that would do this so could you fix this when ever you have the time to do it.

  4. also,
    (at the snowy tower)i died by the creepers when it said i got the fire key and now i dont have the fire key and cant go back to where the zelda/creeper person is to get it so what do i becuase now i cant advance unless i delete the world and start a new one but i have advanced so far that it would suck so much.
    so just tell me what to do and i'll do that

  5. Awesome total conversion! Thanks for all those mighty tools!

  6. You are getting carried away with the scripting and almost dont care about the GUI stuff anymore :( :( :( :(

  7. @Jack Bobb, what type of things are you doing that lead to the memory running out?
    @ZeronFX, NPC's if you want anything more advanced than basic chat will require scripting. My advice on learning it is the wiki and the IRC channel
    @Austin, I have no idea what you are talking about but for issues with maps you need to tell the map developer.
    @fredrik, I'm not sure what you don't think I care about for GUIs? I've been adding the ability for people to customize GUI's but that's all scripting. Most changes at this point will either fall into 3 things; developing the core infrastucture (updating/auto map downloads), scripting, or improving map editing.

    Basically for example NPC's unless I made a visual scripting language are not really feasible to make more detailed. I'm not going to the trouble for a small mod to make a visual scripting language which is less powerful than normal scripting and really isn't any easier to work with in general.

  8. Hey Crycect! hows it goin? i love adventurecraft, its great, but i have one simple suggestion for you that you could maybe consider, for cutscenes with camera blocks, we could have the option to toggle fly and make the cutscene completely on our own, and did you say npcs can path back and forwards now?

  9. Ugh, finally, okay, my stupid iPad is finally letting me comment. I'm really tired so please bear with me if I say or spell anything incrompehensible.

    @EEVEERRRYYOONNEEE scripting is what it is because it's the best it can be until he has time toMAYBE make it easier to use. As he' already said, there's guide to it on the wiki. Can't handle a little learning? Maybe this just isn't for you then.

    @Cryect I am (well was, i'm on a 2 week trip right now) doing my best to learn to use scripting, but at a certain point I don't feel the guide is advanced enough. I look at example scripts and that stuff seems to go way over the head of the guide. We need more people like Cyborgdragon. :P That ought to help simplify and elaborate the process. :)

    Also I love it out here. it's beautiful, and I'm getting some pretty great inspiration for terrains. There's this cool place near this waterfall by the cliffs, I plan on spraying some MInecraft related graffiti. Ite's not even in city limits, the cops don't care! :D

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  11. Well its not actually my guide to scripting. I've just been releasing the info of what I've done but nothing really on how to use it and allowing others to fill that in. Really the stuff on scripting needs some fixing up and categorizing but I don't have much time for it so just been voicing my opinions.

    I really recommend you learn Javascript first since that's the language by the scripting then look at the additional commands that you have available with the scripting in AC.

  12. I'm fully aware of that, so I'll assume to you were talking to ZeronFX' deleted comment, but also, It seems to me that the guide should be usable by people who are new to javascript. If it can't be, that's one thing, but I feel like it's trying to be. Hopefully cyborg is still expanding it... But whatever, I have 2 weeks of it not really applying to me.

  13. when i get adventure craft window up i click install via login. It works. Start doesnt appear tho. I try just regular install....... it say that i dont have the minecraft.jar. This thing doesnt work for me at all. Im on a macbook pro i need professional assistance.

  14. could you elaborate on what some of the wolf and slime related methods you mentioned are? I dont see them mentioned on the script guide.