Thursday, June 16, 2011

r830 - Crash Fixes + Scripting Additions

  • Fixes crash with saving while the fishing hook is out.
  • Fixes crash with unable to load up bad chunks.
  • Fixes crash with loading bomb arrows.
  • Movement speed is exposed on EntityLiving via getMoveSpeed/setMoveSpeed.
  • Additional UI commands
    • getScale() - The scale factor for the UI
    • getGUIHidden()/setGUIHidden()
    • getThirdPerson()/setThirdPerson()
    • getFancyGraphics().
  • NPCs are being prepped for scripting themselves as well.
    • They now inherit from the scripted entities
    • Have variables exposed to scripting (EntityNPC)
      • name - Name over the NPC's head
      • chatMsg - Message displayed when clicked on
      • spawnX, spawnY, and spawnZ - Coordinates that the NPC will path back to
  • Scripting blocks now have their coordinates loaded into xCoord, yCoord, and zCoord.
Download links below but note the files might not have been pushed out yet.

With Maps -
No Maps -

1 comment:

  1. The new stuff sounds great. I can't wait to learn to actually use this stuff. Might have to wait until after my trip, though, unfortunately.

    Woo! NPC pathing!