Monday, April 25, 2011

r585 - Fix for maps without script directories

Whoops r584 didn't work on maps without a scripts directory.

With Maps -
No Maps -
Update -


  1. Hey Cryect, thanks for the updates but im sort of lost on the scripting, a tutorial video would be nice (:

    [i need a script that spawns a zombie and kills it after 2 - 5 seconds ]

  2. apart form a video, a list os scripts would be nice, ive tried the scripts for the music and looks nice but can't do much besides what you did with them(time, weather and"teletransportation"(im still experimenting with it)

  3. nice, came up with a script for me yet hehe :D

    <<< PATHETIC at scripting i have toyed around but i just cannot get [i need a script that spawns a zombie and kills it after 2 - 5 seconds ]

    to happen any ideas?

  4. @Enrique Try posting sober/after English lessons.

    @James I'm not entirely sure that's within the parameters of what Script blocks can do yet. It sounds easy enough though. Spawn zombie, get Zombie's entity ID, deal 40 damage to that entity after a delay of X seconds. At the very least, you can do that last bit with a delay timer block, and an additional script block.

    @Cryect Will this new modding thing Mojang is doing have any foreseen effects on AdventureCraft?

  5. You know what, I'm sure the changes will be positive, if existent. A better question is, will you be waiting until after 1.6 to update AC? I'm guessing you are, but I'd just like to know. :)

  6. Huh? Did you not see the post I posted today?