Saturday, April 30, 2011

r605 - Bug Fixes and New Mobs

This update is mainly for bugs that crept in with the 1.5 update but I threw in some mobs quickly that use guns for those who are making maps with guns.  Nothing too special just skeletons and zombies with weapons.

  • Fixed redstone texture.
  • Fixed trigger memory to not render like grass.
  • Hookshot and umbrella icon updates correctly now.
  • Adds some new mobs: Skeleton w/ Rifle, Skeleton w/ Shotgun, Zombie w/ Pistol. 

With Maps -
No Maps -
Update -


  1. I still had the bug with the invisible blocks decreasing the light. Here is my troubleshooting and the fix, as I find out it really isn't a true bug as I thought...

    I backed up my map files, deleted both Minecraft and Adventurecraft, and installed from scratch. I created a new world to test the blocks and everything seemed fine, they didn't cast shadows or anything. I copied my backups back and tried them and the shadowing was still there as before.

    Then I remembered I used MCEdit as there was a lot of repetition to the NES Zelda world and it was a lot faster/easier to copy/paste in MCEdit. Of course MCEdit doesn't "officially" work with any mods that add/change blocks, but they will show up in MCEdit, just as a solid pink square. That's where the problem lies. When you save the edits you have made, it recalculates the lighting on your world. It calculates light as if those pink (invisible) blocks were actually solid and saves the lighting as such.

    I'm happy report this so you don't go chasing a bug that doesn't exist, yet it's unfortunate as I am now going to have to remove and replace much of my current layout. Future development will also slow to a crawl if I am not able to utilize MCEdit.

    A there a way to force Minecraft to recalculate the lighting from in-game? As I think this may allow me to utilize MCEdit, and then just recalculate lighting from in-game to correct the shadows. I'll browse around the Minecraft forums and see if there's any such mod, though I'm not sure anyone has had a need for such a mod as yet.

    Thanks for the awesome mod so far and keep it up.

  2. Every time i enter DEBUG mode the frame-rate drops to less than 1fps

  3. Hey, the video options are bugged to all hell.

    The GUI doesn't display the proper graphical settings.

    If you turn off smooth lighting, the side grass texture appears on pretty much everything. Meta-Blocks show an alternate texture for stone which depicts sandy bricks.

    If you turn off smooth lighting and set graphics to fast, Grass blocks in general are buggy looking, and leaf blocks don't render properly.

    If you change 3d grass, the option doesn't change, but the world does.

    If you change auto-FarClip, the option doesn't change, not sure if the fog does. But it changes whether or not it says 3D grass is on, without affecting the actual 3D grass.

    Hope this helps make the next version more Graphically friendly.

  4. I also have the framerate drop problem. It's not as bad as Jacob's though. I'm sure that bit is probably just hardware differences. I go down from 27-30 to 3-5.

  5. Afraid there is no easy way to recalculate the light from ingame. I could add a command though that will allow you to do that.

    Will fix those bugs and unfortunately I can't repro a framerate difference between debug and not. Is there any more details than activating debug?

  6. is there any possibility of BASIC multiplayer like with 5 people max? Yogcast could do so many videos on Adventurecraft maps, but the no multiplayer i think is stopping em, is it too hard to implement?

  7. I can't destroy ANY blocks at all. Is there any way to fix this or do I have to backdate Minecraft?

  8. Can anyone tell me why the keys are sticking when I walk around in Adventurecraft? Please help I wanna join the Sensation that it is lol : )