Monday, April 11, 2011

What do you want from scripting?

Curious to hear what people are expecting/wanting to do with scripting.

Currently planning to expose the following things in the next scripting update but want a general idea of what people need that I might be overlooking that would be useful and simple.

Entity Spawning
Entity's with their basic properties
Basic Block Access & Triggering
Particle Spawning


  1. Hmm, does "entities with their basic properties" include defining what mobs do and do not drop? That's been a big one on my list.

    Extensive control over the inventory might be nice, e.g. checking what the player does and doesn't have, how much of it they have, and possibly the ability to add or remove to/from their inventory directly.

    And perhaps with entity spawning, the ability to define a < 1 offset to the spawn position.

  2. Don't know what scripting is but please finish the NPC's

  3. I'll be fine as soon as you make a "multi-trigger", allowing me to trigger multiple things at once with simplicity.

  4. Being able to have NPC dialogue change based on if a trigger is activated or not. If nothing else you could have it retrieve the state of a memory block and based on what the state is that could determine what text the NPC displayed.

    Being able to define the properties of an item that is spawned. Maybe have a GUI pop up if you right clicked an item that would allow you to set things like damage, range, speed, durability, and if it gave the player any kind of buff or debuff. Also choosing if it is unequippable or not (if you wanted to implement cursed items)

    Being able to trigger by a player picking up an item. This could create a new trap type.

  5. NPC's who can fight with mobs and follow you on special trigger :P


  6. Forcing difficulty levels and fog depth.

  7. Seconding what Saber Mage, Agidius, and Stickstomagnet said.

    The... Comments about NPCs... Well, I can't say I don't want NPCs expanded on, but that is not the topic at hand. Mostly.

  8. Conversation trees can be down the line, but a simpler feature would be having a sound effect icon next to each line of text you create for NPC's if you wanted voiced dialogue.

  9. Two things I'd like to see for an upcoming project.

    1. Something akin to storable variables that can be set by one trigger and then read by another so that triggers can be used to affect things outside of the loaded chunks.

    2. The ability to target items in the players inventory and delete them.

  10. Could potentially have it setup so you can control mob loot via scripting though seems better its controlled somehow via the mob spawner.
    Will definitely have inventory access available.
    Global variables are definitely going to be an option in some shape or form (will be explicit though how you access/save them).
    NPC's of course will be expanded upon but as scripting will be a decent part of them I want it fleshed out before I get back to NPC's.

  11. I would think we need a triggerBlock[id].trigger() or something similar. This would allows the scripting block to act as a multi-trigger without having "target lines" going everywhere. Also, based upon your comment that it will definitely have inventory access, you would be able to selectively trigger based upon inventory/items in hand, etc.