Wednesday, May 18, 2011

r684 - Overlays and Texture Replacements

Adding additional features to the effects block.  This is just being released only as an update for the moment.

  • Effects block can have overlay textures from the overlays folder in the maps folder
  • Textures can be replaced via the effect block by having a text files in the textureReplacement folder. Example of a replacement below 
    • /terrain.png,/mterrain.png
  • Fixed bullets not being effected by difficulty for damage taken.
  • Player name is set to ACPlayer (probably will be map specific with skin downloading disabled in the future)
  • Effect block has entry in the lang file now


  1. Hey Cryect SWEET UPDATE, cheers mate :)

    But I was just wondering where is the Resources folder for new downloads? I realised that the update did not update my resources folder = no custom terrain.pngs to edit for my map = me missing the effects block texture :P

    Could you perhaps re add it in the next download link / update please :)



  2. Um.. just enter the .jar and take the files James :)

    Use winrar if you can.

  3. Yeah, they were all moved into the ACBin.jar to make it easier to push out updates.

  4. Ah i see it now :) ahah sorry that was dumb on my behalf.