Friday, May 20, 2011

r691 - Replacement Texture and Overlay Improvements

Just an update again (which should be the primary way you get updates and not the downloads).
  • Overlays persist through saves
  • Replacement textures persist
  • Can replace biomeMap.png, waterMap.png, grass/foliage color images (unfortunately can't change pine/birch tree foliage)
  • Bomb damage was calculated incorrectly so was dealing 5 times as much damage as intended.  Decreased it to max of 20 from the max of 50 it was previously.
  • getCurrentItem and getOffhandItem for scripting return back undefined if nothing is held in that hand
Edit: I've rolled back the version.txt to point back to r684 to address the crashes


  1. I've updated to this version and now my game crashes every single time I open my invertory on map Zelda - Shadow of Hyrule. Any suggestions?

  2. Um... so whenever I press start now, it closes the window and doesn't start up the Minecraft .jar. Didn't have any additional mods or texture packs that should have caused it to act up, xD

  3. :( At the moment I would say rollback to r678 if you are running into issues. Was working fine for others last night so not sure what is going wrong. Won't be able to really investigate the issue much tonight since will be going out.

  4. Cryect: Those of us in the IRC were experiencing the inventory crash. It's whenever heartPiece.png is attempted to be shown. Crashing with the error "input == null!". It also does the same thing if you pull equip the power glove, with powerGlove.png.

  5. Ah alright, I thought you were saying it occurred if you tried to replace those textures.

  6. Updated it to the r684, but whenever I hit start it still won't do anything. :(
    Any suggestions?