Saturday, May 21, 2011

r700 - Scripting Changes

Just an update again till I get some verifications its looking good. I'm now starting work on a new map editing mode which should be closer to how MCEdit works in functionality than playing normal minecraft.

  • Effect scripting is added (effect)
    • ScriptEntity spawnParticle(String particleType, double x, double y, double z, double arg1, double arg2, double arg3)
    • boolean replaceTexture(String textureToReplace, String replacement)
    • revertTextures()
    • setOverlay(String overlay)
    • clearOverlay()
    • setFogColor(float r, float g, float b)
    • revertFogColor()
    • setFogDensity(float start, float end)
    • revertFogDensity()
  • Script Block OnUpdate only occurs now if the block is triggered
  • Adds global scripts
    • OnNewSave - First time a save is created this runs
    • OnLoad - Every time a save is created or loaded this runs next
    • OnUpdate - Runs at the start of every tick
  • AdventureCraft shouldn't crash now if missing version.txt
  • Adds a new config screen via /config to configure global scripts
  • getItemInSlot and decrementItem will return undefined back if there is no item


  1. Now get to and make Npcs :D?
    They would be absolutley awesome for my RPG.
    as they would walk paths along streets and stuff

  2. Also i always forget this..
    add a page system for skins as it is needed aswell :D