Monday, May 2, 2011

Store Block

The store block is coming along nicely and will either be finished tonight or tomorrow.  To use them you highlight over them which will display in the UI what you trade to receive what. Then to perform the trade you click and the block takes away the items on the left and gives you the items on the right. The blocks will have the option for a limited supply of what they give out and the ability to trigger blocks on trade execution.


  1. Ooooh man! Also, did you change the blog lay out, or did I accidentally click something? :/

  2. Oooh man. Can you link store blocks to triggers as well, with the ability to label the triggers? Oh, god yes, I could have a hayday with that.

    Damn it, I already have a map design cooked up. You know, I already have two to work on as it is:
    -A story based adventure-type map that I've ceased working on until NPCs and shops and maybe a little more have been released. Although, the thought that I'm not working on it makes me worry that I'll never actually do it.

    -And the thing I'm working on now, which is a no holds barred "Whatever the fuck I feel like doing" map, in which I change the environment completely at random and whenever I feel like, Floaty islands into a forest, An office space into a Cave, whatever. You get the idea. I'm making this map to get the mapping insanity out of me, because whenever I tried starting a smaller project to release while I worked on the aforementioned map, my brain expanded upon it too much, and I can never bear to downsize my ideas.

    TL;DR: lul i talk a lawt d00d.

  3. Ugh, I'm sorry I talk so much, on multiple levels, because now I feel like an annoying prick for posting this bug report, lol.

    ----Okay, So I thought that this would subsequently be fixed because I thought it was a part of the rendering issues, but, the following blocks seem to lack textures in-game:
    -Locked Door
    -Triggered Door
    -Boss Door
    -Redstone Trigger
    -Pushable Block
    -Trigger Pushable

    Okay, so that's that. You must be really busy or stressed lately, you seem to be missing some really obvious bugs.

  4. @C37 Studios. I'm afraid the fault lies entierly on you here. You forgot to update the resources folder. =P

  5. Yea, I just realized that trying to experiment with scripts on the updated Biome Test map. Egh, Hopefully when I fix this I won't have to entirely redo the texture swap to turn one of the alt-ladders into a spider web.. =_=

  6. I don't fully understand what the sample script "Madness" is supposed to do, but I'm looking at the script and it clearly has something to do with making nearby enemies attack you or each other or something. I keep on trying to use it, and the game freezes and pretty much crashes.

    I thought this might have been because the mobs I was using were not capable of attacking. So I tried something that could. The game still crashed.

    The game does not crash when there are not mobs around.

  7. I feel like we should pay you for this mod... Or a donate button

  8. Yea, this project is one of the few things I would donate to on the internet.

  9. Im having trouble please help. I put a sound in the sound folder i created (it is an ogg) but it doesnt work. I have another ogg in the sound folder and it works fine. I put the "broken" ogg into the music folder and it works! But it loops so i dont want that. Please help