Tuesday, May 3, 2011

r618 - Store Block

Getting out the store block since its in a ready state.  This update also has some code in upcoming preparation for one click updating which will then eventually lead into being able to download maps from the AdventureCraft client.

With Maps - http://bit.ly/kya9nW
No Maps - http://bit.ly/kVEQuN
Update - http://bit.ly/kDETCL

Edit: I fixed the wrong links.
Edit 2: r618 Source Code http://bit.ly/lB2Zrr


  1. ACK! How could I stay up so late and THEN stop refreshing the blog every 15 or so minutes?! Egh!

  2. One small request, and I'm a little late to this because I've forgotten to test it out, but can you see what you can do about maybe making it so that armor is only unbreakable if it's infinite, or something like that?

    I mean, I can deal without that, but for people who want to make the long RPG style adventure maps, Unbreakable armor might not always be in their best interests.

    Of course, an issue with it being unbreakable when infinite is that if there are any pressure plate puzzles or some such thing on the map, the player could create additional armor pieces and exploit the test. So you know, if you take this into consideration, maybe something other than "infinite = unbreakable, finite = breakable" would be a good idea.

    Also, The Store Block will crash the game if you try to set items with one of your hands empty. Possibly infinite too, but I have no direct evidence of that, and I don't feel like having AC crash again.

  3. Hey man, the links of download are not loading in here.Is there a motive?

  4. i have a issue, i don't know why this is happening, afer i updated the map startes generating chunks randomly as a normal minecraft map problem is, its getting into my buildings and it even flooded part of a dungeon so, is this an error from the up date or it is something i wrongly did in my map, thanks

  5. Enrique, is it as it should be when you're playing on the save, and then it's all weird when you start up a new one from the map?

    Because if so you should make sure you have map editing on and keep the save where everything is as it should be. Go on that save, with mapedit on, and then just change around a few of the blocks inside the chunks that are regenerating, and then start a new save on the map and see if it's normal now.

  6. C37 can you try and see if your push blocks are acting funny?
    (not the same Enrique from above)

  7. Not the... What? Whatever.

    Yes, it appears as though the Push Block does not slide around as it should, but rather, simply disappears momentarily, then reappears in the spot it was being moved to.

    Trigger Pushable still seems to work, however it does not display trigger... triggeeerrr......um, what the hell are those things even officially called? The line things that show its link to the triggered object don't appear. It is however still linked and will trigger it.

  8. its all weird whan i start a new save and when i play old ones as if it was generating a new world ive erased all maps but mine and all saves ive also tried what you recomended and nothing happened ill try to think of something but if not, ill just return to an older version of my map T.T thanks ^^