Tuesday, May 3, 2011

r627 - Store Block Changes and Other Misc Changes

  • Sword skeletons won't crash the game when you kill them now.
  • Store blocks can have a trigger when a trade is executed.
  • Store block can have either the buy item or sell item missing now.
  • Pushed blocks are visible again.
  • Armor is now at 25% per armor level.
  • More than 10 heart containers can be displayed.
  • Mac Client hopefully works now

With Maps - http://bit.ly/mwbgaz
No Maps - http://bit.ly/mOSwZn
Update - http://bit.ly/l6LxZE


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  2. another Enrique says actually, as far as i know you download it and replace the older files in your adventurecraft file, and run it as usual and install it(i don't know if this last part is true) afterwards you should be able tu play normaly

  3. Yep, thats how its supposed to work. I'm hoping to add a way to update from the launcher here this week (or go backwards).

  4. At 25% per...whaa?

    Well clearly this is some sort of response to my suggestion. I'll try and see if I can't figure out what the hell that means.

  5. Okay, so... You made so that while armor is still unbreakable, it isn't at full armor, hence there is no invulnerability and whatnot... Okay, so, that does sort of fix part of the armor problem.

    Regardless of whether you plan on furthering this, I do have a question:

    Does this mean that the effectiveness of a set of armor is now pretty much halved?

  6. Leather - level 1
    Chain - level 2
    Iron - level 3
    Diamond -level 4
    So leather armor is only 25% as effective as diamond

  7. Diamond armor is just as effective as before

  8. Actually, I just thought of something. Can't you just make a command option similar to leaves decaying and ice melting? I.e. /armordamage -- Toggles armor durability loss



    Okay, when the captcha popped up it showed me your two posts since my last. While I do think that something like the above should be looked into, I understand what you're doing now. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. In a way, it's sort of like a Defense level as opposed to a breakable armor that will only last but for so long.

    Now to look into Buying some triggers.... Yeeeaaah. B) <-- CoolshadesBro

    All you need to do now is expand upon NPCs and AdventureCraft will be so great that the only thing it'll ever NEED again is version updates. But because you're amazing, we all know you're still gonna add even more. Keep it up!

  9. Okay... So.... Any posts after THIS are probably bug reports. But for now:

    Shop trigger, I just met you, and I love you. CREEPER-! 0. 0 .... :D

    Up reference. Perfect execution.

  10. AdventureCraft is rendering newly created saves backwards (Things that are further away are being rendered on top of things that are closer.) My old saves look fine, but whenever I start a new one, I get something like this: http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/342/20110504180232.png

    Notice how the trees in the background are being rendered over top of the trees in the foreground?

    It's worth noting that the very same maps are perfectly fine when viewed in a vanilla MineCraft game, so the error must be originating from this mod.

    Happy bughunting!

  11. @Sivius I've experienced this too, but if you simply change the video settings such that the world must re-render (i.e. Change graphics from fancy to fast and back again), and this should provide a fix until you next generate a new world.

    @Cryect/Whoever Is it possible to.. Well, let's say a WIP map gets updated. But it's kind of long. So, you know, obviously if it's long enough (i.e. a Zelda remake or something), players following the map as it is updated aren't going to want to play through the whole thing again. SO, my question is, is it in anyway possible to continue the new version from an old save? You know, like transferring over player coords and inventory, probable some additional trigger-related data. Something like that. I mean, as long as the world is still pretty much the same, aside from new additions, this shouldn't get in the way of new additions and what not. And as long as the mapper knows what he/she's doing, they could provide a warning that players in area X should leave that area before installing the new version, if it changed or something.

    Clearly there are alternatives like the debug tower in AgiCraft, but frankly I don't want to give players something to exploit to get whatever they need to overcome a challenge. I have a really low faith in humanity, but normally I might be like, "If they want to enjoy it, they'll play it right." But then I saw the YogsCast on YouTube. Yea, NO. People don't get chances. I don't even trust myself with things like the debug tower.

    One additional thing, if you haven't already changed damage values, what do you think of making gold do 1 more damage? Because wood and gold swords do the same damage, but normally gold swords actually have half the durability and no advantages to wooden swords, their only purpose was being ornate. But in AC, they're pretty much the same, and the only purpose it could have would be something story related, as it is pretty much the exact same as a wooden sword, doing the same damage, and having no non-story representation of wealth, as you can not go mining for gold.

    So what I'm proposing is:
    Wood: 2 Hearts Damage (Current)
    Gold: 2 Hearts Damage --> Changed to --> 2.5
    Stone: 3 Hearts Damage (Current)

    Iiinnncidentally, I'm restarting my longer adventure map, no longer on a boring Flatland (Fuck building mountains, and whatnot.). Since I was doing that, I decided to rework some of the plans and designs, and I plan on the player basically being sort of a hero, in terms of Fable. Hehe. See, basically I was thinking that the character (who is fated to blah blah blah Destiny and etc) is too powerful to use regular swords, as their durability could never last him long enough. Also kind of an excuse for why the normal swords aren't in the game in addition to the swords that are. All unique, unbreakable (at least at the "strength level" of the adventurer during the period of use until the next Blade), and custom textured, renamed, and whatnot.

    Of course, due to the limited number of swords, the first sword is wooden, and is thrown out for a new one as soon as after the second dungeon. However, I would really like for there to be a strength difference between the Ancient Guard Sword (Wooden Sword), and the Slimestone Blade (Golden Sword), even if it's just a small upgrade.

    You see my point, right?

    Also, alternative: a few alt-swords with customizable damage (and maybe name, for simplicity) via a folder with some config type text/script files, maybe a short text tutorial on changing the names, damage, item sprite, and, for reference, the damage of the default swords.

    These alternate swords could have a default texture; perhaps they could default to an alternate of each sword, same damage and sprites, or could each be a blank, line-art sword with 1 heart damage or something.

    PS My god I wonder how long I spent writing all that.

  12. Thanks for the updates Cryect!

    I have two issues though!

    ISSUE 1:
    .Ogg files over 1 - 2 mbs seem to freeze adventure craft.

    ISSUE 2:
    I am at the limit of sounds and when I add new ones the other ones get pushed of the UI so I cannot select them, my map is VERY sound dependant and the next update maybe we can add pages into the sound / music menu's ? Or even a slider so I can scroll down to see more sounds.

    Thanks for all the hard work and I really hope my idea from Issue 2 gets implemented asap :)!

  13. Oh, one more little tidbit; If you do happen to do anything like my alternative custom swords suggestion, maybe you could also do something similar with the armor...?

    (Frankly I don't want that as much as the sword thing, because as of now I have no need for changing the defense values or having more armor types than normal)

    And I know there's something of a limit to the amount of item image sprites and item IDs or something, right? Or wait, well, you kind of solved that at some point, didn't you? Hm.

    Well, either way, in the event that you would consider doing the alt swords and/or armor, it probably wouldn't be necessary to do any more than the amount of original sword/armor types.

    Again, I'm real sorry about how long and frequent my comments tend to be. Well, assuming I need to be sorry. I can't really tell if it bothers you or not since you usually only respond to clarify something misunderstood in a new feature or something that isn't actually a bug. But I can see how my tl;dr-esque posts can be bothersome when it's possible that you might feel compelled in some way to read through everyone's bug reports, suggestions, and etc.

    Of course, you could just be busy enough that you don't really need to reply to things. Since it does eventually seem as though you have read my longer comments, even if you didn't reply directly.

    (Witty-)tl;dr: lolGuiltTrip

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  15. As much as I hate to do this, I really want to get noticed. In case you didn't know, I've posted a Feature Request on your wiki. I would very much appreciate you looking at it! Again, sorry for posting here. I don't know any other efficient way to contact you. Thanks :)