Friday, May 6, 2011

r629 - The launcher can now update

So the big thing in this update is I've enabled the launcher to be able to download updates as I push them out.  This weekend will be when I kick back into gear though its going to be polishing/adding to existing systems instead of anything completely new.

  • The launcher can now update the game (except for sound files yet).
  • Mob spawners with 0 spawns set will now trigger and detrigger.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel will change the offhand.

With Maps -
No Maps -


  1. -Cool story bro
    -Oh hell the fuck yea

    Btw, I noticed the boomerang changed a bit, and I'm not sure if it's a bug. It used to be that when you stunned mobs with it, you could only hit them once, and then you had to wait until they were no longer stunned to hit them again.

    But right now, it seems as though it "saves" their status on whether they're hittable. If they're flashing red, for example, when stunned, they'll be unhittable until it wears off. If they aren't flashing red when stunned, you can hit them as fast as you can click until they are unstunned. This is kind of OP.

  2. YAY :)

    Also by improving systems please take sound UI as one of the things to take a look at <3

    Thanks for my fav mod!


  3. The boomerang change is a bug and its from when I added the shotgun. Found about it the other day and forgot it late last night (noticed I could kill spiders really easily).

  4. After i got this update im crashing alot so much i cant even play it doesnt say any errors it just quits out can you help?

  5. Alright then.

    Cryect, is it possible for a script to trigger something at a coordinate? i.e. Playing a music script to trigger a block at coords X,Y,Z, and this script will trigger that block, and only that block? (or, well, I guess you could probably do it to an area as well, if this even works.)

    Just wondering because that'd be a useful function, for things like opening a specific door, or summoning a boss-like creature, or some such thing.

    This would have been shorter but I forgot to hit the submit button when I typed it last night, and since then this has also come up:

    I kinda realized that and alt-armor thing like the sword would take up a lot of items, and whether or not there's some sort of hard limit on that, I can see how setting it up to function properly and code in each individual set of armors and what not (well you know, assuming that you think this would be possible within a reasonable doubt or anything, since you haven't really given your opinion on that either).

    So yea, I mean, it would be kind of dumb to have either of the customizable alternate whatevers without the other, and I guess that if it's any sort of additional hassle at all in the armor department, it probably doesn't need as many alternates as the swords.

    And I know, I know, you're not working on anything "completely" new or anything this weekend or whatever time period you're trying to imply here. But you know, just for later if you consider/decide to put this or something similar in.

    Additionally, and I can see how this pushes the boundaries of the plausibility of the alternative swords and armors, but if you look into doing that, maybe you could look into the ability to have there damage/defense values variables, selectable and interchangeable in-game via scripts?

    I'll go ahead and assume that you won't be replying directly to any of these actual questions any time soon, but I do look forward to seeing what content you're polishing and improving, and how! :)

    (Oh, and, on that note, I just remembered a kind of small and simple suggestion I came up with: Some sort of block that could keep count of something or other? Like, if it gets triggered or something it holds a number based data value, and it can increase or decrease as determined by its settings, and the amount as well, and it can have a base value set for whenever the counter is reset or all chunks are reloaded. It could have several triggers available that could trigger a target when a certain value is reached on the counter. It should also have some sort of way to display its current number value, i.e. being linkable to 1-5 signs or so, and if linked to a sign, the sign would change to show the counter's current number value automatically.)

    (Okay, maybe not that small or simple in creation, but in concept, I think so... >_>)

    Something like that would pave the way towards (at least easier) things like some sort of unlockable system (I'll be honest, this is something I've planned for my map...), in which the player could do a certain action or actions and at certain intervals be rewarded with new items, upgrades, etc., some sort of (although maybe kind of broad and vague) stats system that could be in-map to show what sort of things players have done and how many times (Also planned...), like dungeons, or how many of the secrets they've found.

    The list goes on, of course. I just haven't come up with any. That don't involve deadly neurotoxin death timers, anyway.

  6. i cant install it is says SHA1 digest error for mob/char.png

  7. Wooooaaaaah, When did you add this tree size thing?! O.o

    Also, do regular tree saplings still grow in AC?

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  9. Spawner bug.

    I'm having trouble spawning simple rats (also, many various mobs also seem unspawnable). Here's what happens: I set up the customizable mob spawner to release a few rats. When I trigger the spawner normally, I see a cloud of smoke and the rats for a split second, however they quickly disappear.

    If I use the Trigger Stick to trigger the spawner while in debug mode, I see the cloud of smoke and the rats *do* appear in the designated space. However they disappear the moment I exit debug mode.

  10. Switch difficulty to not peaceful.

  11. Anyone else having client crashes every few minutes while editing?