Thursday, June 9, 2011

r774 - Some improvements to memory usage plus CyborgDragon

I'm currently working on improving how AdventureCraft and Minecraft are using memory so its less spiky.  Found some silly stuff I was doing as well as things that Minecraft is doing. Lots of work still to be done here with loading chunks but making some decent progress.

Additionally, CyborgDragon has started work on expanding the scripting. You should be familiar with him by his work with the wiki, various guides on scripting, plus videos I've linked on this blog by him.

  • Makes eggs, fishing hook, hookshot, and snowballs able to pass through clip blocks by default.
  • Adds mappings to getClassType for hookshot and fishing rod entities.
  • Exposed the texture attribute for EntityLiving in scripts.
  • getSlotContainingItem() will now return the armor slots if the item is in them, rather than -1.
  • Added getSlotContainingItemDamage, returns the first slot containing an item with a specific damage.
  • Lots of reductions in memory spikes
  • Encouraging the GC to collect more often now

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