Tuesday, June 7, 2011

r766 - UI Containers

  • Fixing up refreshing of textures that aren't available with other maps. (Was causing crashes)
  • Adds UIContainers which can contain UI elements.
    • UIContainer(x, y)
    • Offset is x, y
    • add(UIElement) - Adds a ui element to be rendered by this container
    • addToBack(UIElement) - Adds a UI element to be rendered by this container to the back
    • remove(UIElement) - Removes the UI element from rendering
    • clear() - Clears everything from this container
    • There is a default container called screen which everything gets added to by default
  • Adds collidesWithClipBlocks to ScriptEntity
  • Can retrieve the width of strings in scripts now with ui.getStringWidth
  • Adds an option to center UILabels with the variable centered
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  1. Please, my adventurecraft crashes every 5 minutes and appears a message:"minecraft is run out of memory".Please, help me!