Friday, June 10, 2011

r782 - Bug Fixes

Tomorrow I start working on allowing for custom mobs but here's a bunch of bug fixes!

  • Scripts on mob spawners for triggering get excuted if any mobs are spawned upon logging in.
  • Missed integrating code for sound overrides.
  • Fixed rendering of snow and rain.
  • Fixed arrows resulting in print spam.
  • Fixed launcher not being able to launch for non 1.6 versions of Java.

With Maps -
No Maps -


  1. Sorry to bother you, but I can't get past the launcher. When i click the start button it freezes up. :S

  2. i cant even see the start button, it still dose not work :( and i have the latest java. i think it's the new launcher. because ever since it starting using that SVT i cant get it to work :(

  3. The launcher has been using SWT for a couple of months now so unless you haven't had it working for a couple of months?

  4. lol now your finally getting to those mobs

  5. Heh, yeah I finally am. How did all your custom mobs end up turning out?

  6. yes. i though it would have been fixed, but it was not so i decided to contact you.