Saturday, June 11, 2011

r799 - Additional Decorative Blocks

Saw painterly added a bunch of new textures for 1.6 and Wild Grass so added a bunch of new decorative blocks while I was waiting for my car's tires to be rotated and oil changed.

  • 32 New Plant Blocks
  • 2 New Lights
  • 4 New Grass Variants
  • 3 New Sand Variants
  • 7 Overlay blocks (thin block that sits on top of another block could be used for plates, clock, etc)
  • Fixed where crafting in the inventory is located
  • Added hurtTime-, hurtTimeResistance-, and heldItem-related methods to scriptEntityLiving.
  • Fixes eggs, fireballs, and snowballs so they can push through clip blocks.
  • Fixed the missing wools in the palette
  • Fixing brush and paint bucket resulting in their changes for the blocks to actually update
  • Added ScriptEntityMob with attackStrength methods.


  1. Thanks for my wool, im so happy.. snif.
    O yes, and thanks for the brush/bucket fix and the new elements

  2. Damn you didn't update to 1.6.6 yet, did ya?

    Not working...

  3. I updated to 1.6.6 over a week ago. You need to download a new version with a new launcher for it to work with 1.6.6.

  4. Oh, okay, thank go-, err, you. I guess. :D

  5. oooohhh mah gosh. Are there any alternate textures for the side grass? I'd like to be able to reskin that little bit without reskinning all of the side grass.

  6. Well, clearly there aren't any in-game, but I mean, painterly has some, doesn't it? Maybe you could just the default grass as a reskinnable alt texture for each alt texture of grass.